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It’s been a while but believe it, or not, things are actually happening. I’ve begun creating some smaller works the last couple of weeks. The Pumpkin Girls canvas has had a lot more done to it since the previous update, but I need a decent stint on it before I can complete it. As I’m only currently able to get away from my every-day job for short periods, I’ve parked it for a while, and I’m keeping things small and simple.

Also, to try and create a bit of interest and motivation, I’ve been playing with live streaming the work that I do. I’ve set up a channel on YouTube where you can drop in and see either a video of a session I’ve already completed or you can see when I start doing some work live. I’m slowly getting used to working in this way, so things are changing all the time, but the plan is to do events so you can see when a stream is happening in advance, once I figure it all out and get the best shots for the viewers. I appreciate it may be boring for most people, but seeing my kids watch endless hours of people playing games on YouTube, I thought there may be some people out there who’d like to watch the slow drama of making art! You can check out one of the videos below.

Not only is there now the YouTube channel, but I’ve also set up an Instagram page. I will be adding photos and progress images as I go along, so feel free to follow there if you want to see what I’m up to in your stream. And same goes for the YouTube channel, please subscribe to the videos. If people like it, then I will do a lot more. Will take a while to build up followers yet, but please feel free to help the process along!

Work will still be bitty for the time being, but I’m making an effort to try and do a little bit each day. The smaller scale will help me to both get used to finishing pieces again and solidify the type of work I want to do. I’m quite excited to be trying once more at least, after a couple of not-quite starts. One day this may be a more permanent thing for me.

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