The Marriage And The Betrayal

These are my first two pieces for 2019. The idea came from a photo I bought that featured the three people in cosutme. The central pair in each picture is two-thirds of that image, manipulated into a new place and uncertain narrative. Both of these will be featuring in my Etsy store, which I hope to have open in a few weeks time, and will be available on high quality Giclee print, produced, signed and numbered by myself. But more on that at a later date.

First up is The Marriage, which of course, is followed by The Betrayal, if you’re particularly eagle eyed, you may notice several elements have carried over from the first piece to the second, but why, well, will leave that to you.

Days Gone - The Marriage

Days Gone – The Marriage

Days Gone - The Betrayal

Days Gone – The Betrayal

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