Selected For Y Lle Celf At The National Eisteddfod

Really pleased to be able to share the news that four pieces of my most recent work have been selected for inclusion at this year’s Y Lle Celf, the prestigious art exhibition held at The National Eisteddfod, which this year is up in Llanwrst. It’s been a long-term ambition of mine to get my work into the Eisteddfod, which I applied to several times back in the 1990s when my focus was painting, without success.

Being selected this time around with my newest work is an honour, especially given the calibre of artist choosen for Y Lle Celf both this year and previously. The four pieces showing at the exhibition are framed and available for purchase, or alternatively as a limited edition print via my Etsy store. You can see which pieces are showing here, along with an extended creative bio that formed a part of my submission to the exhibition.

Creating new pieces is taking time, we’ve had some challenges this year that have limited the time I have to do new work. I have several on the go and have planned out a lot more, so maybe if there’s any interest via the Eisteddfod, it will give me the push I need to spend the time I want to on it.

There’s another exhibition later in the year that wants to feature my work, so things are happening that make me excited for the future. Now if the other stuff could just do one I could crack on with some of the stuff that’s banging about in my head and in draft form on the computer and bring them to life.

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