Mixed Media & Religion Pieces

The last few months I have been working on some newer digital based pieces, with a loose theme around Welsh religious fervour, hellfire and brimstone. These pieces marked a bit of a departure to the previous work as they have used additional steps to create the final piece. They also use a lot more colour than the earlier pieces, in fact, at a later stage watercolour is used to give the effect of Victorian era hand tinted postcards and CDV.

The first of these pieces is entitled Mr Tan’s Sermon. Mr Tan is a hellfire preacher, based very loosely on a script written Chris Crow, with whom I’ve made films The Lighthouse and Devil’s Bridge. The script never made it to the production stage, but Mr Tan is such a great name I wanted to keep it alive with my imagining of the character. The piece utilises a number of collected Victorian of photos and is coloured with Watercolour.

Days Gone - Mr Tan's Sermon (2019)

Days Gone – Mr Tan’s Sermon (2019)

Next came a piece based on the strange happenings at Egryn Chapel lights and their connection to the preacher Mary Jones. It’s an event that fascinated me for years, to the point it was the source for a short-story I once wrote and illustrated over 20 years ago. The piece is Giclée printed, then coloured, then digitised and fiddled again. The building in the background is the actual Egryn Chapel from an old postcard. It’s very different to the chapel I envisioned 20 odd years ago when I was illustrating my story, which was a big tall affair, but I felt I needed to use the original to bring a bit of authenticity.

Days Gone - Mary's Sermon, Egryn Chapel (2019)

Days Gone – Mary’s Sermon, Egryn Chapel (2019)

The last of these pieces was based on probably one of the most famous pieces of “Welsh” art, if not the best known. I’m of course referring to the 1908 painting Salem by Sydney Curnow Vosper. People always mention the devil in the Welsh lady’s shawl, and that was too much of an interesting concept for me to let go, even if it smacks slightly of the obvious. This piece again uses old Victorian CDV images, but also some photos that I went out to shoot especially for this piece at a certain famous Welsh chapel. Then the watercolour is added, some other pencil work and then digitised again.

Days Gone - The Devil In The Welsh Lady's Shawl (After Vosper) - 2020

Days Gone – The Devil In The Welsh Lady’s Shawl (After Vosper) – 2020

All three of these works are available in Limited Edition prints via my Etsy store, which is here.

I’m planning on taking a small break from the digital work as I want to develop some pencil and ink related work. Stay tuned, and I will drop them here when they’re done!

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