Inktober Pieces October 2020

For a number of years I’ve been spotting Inktober work being shared across my various social media. I always fancied trying to join in at some point, but year after year I’ve not got myself in a position to do it. This year however, was very different – I started on the second day, with the aim of doing one a day for the month. It didn’t quite work out, but I managed to do a few good stints and end up with a number of interesting small pieces, each of which was completely new and off-the-bat.

There was a definite development across the month that I was both pleased and surprised by. In some cases, images that I came up with have sparked new ideas and future development paths that I will explore in time. In others, I found a use for photos in my archive that I’ve not previously been able to work with. All the while, it got me working at a level that I hadn’t for quite sometime, and a level I really need to get back to.

I used the Inktober 2020 prompt list to spark each image’s creation, which was another thing I found fascinating to work with. I did try to complete the month, but illness and other life things did interrupt the flow. I think I will try again this year, and maybe prepare a bit better this time around, as I was often chasing my tail day-to-day to complete images. Every image below was done on an A5 paper in my sketchbook, I’ve listed them and the prompts as we go. I’m not including them in the main portfolio as I don’t class them as finished works, but I will make them available as prints and possibly sell the originals if there’s interest enough.

So here we go, my pieces from Inktober 2020…

Prompt #2 - Wisp

Prompt #2 – Wisp

Prompt #3 - Bulky

Prompt #3 – Bulky

Prompt #4 - Radio

Prompt #4 – Radio

Prompt #5 - Blade

Prompt #5 – Blade

Prompt #6 - Rodent

Prompt #6 – Rodent

Prompt #7 - Fancy

Prompt #7 Fancy

Prompt #8 - Teeth

Prompt #8 – Teeth

Prompt #9 - Throw

Prompt #9 – Throw

Prompt #10 - Hope

Prompt #10 – Hope

Prompt #11 - Disgusting

Prompt #11 – Disgusting

Prompt #12 - Slippery

Prompt #12 – Slippery

Prompt #13 & #14 - Armour & Dune

Prompt #13 & #14 – Armour & Dune

Prompt #15 - Outpost

Prompt #15 – Outpost

Prompt #16 - Rocket

Prompt #16 – Rocket

Prompt #17 - Stormy

Prompt #17 Stormy

Prompt #18 - Trap

Prompt #18 – Trap

Prompt #19 - Dizzy

Prompt #19 – Dizzy

Prompt #20 Coral

Prompt #20 – Coral

Prompt #21 - Sleep

Prompt #21 – Sleep

Prompt #31 - Crawl

Prompt #31 – Crawl

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