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I’ve spent the last month and a bit focusing on finishing some unfinished works. My ways of working have evolved a lot since I started getting back into art work in 2016. These paintings were begun in 2018, developed in a manner that later warped into my way of working with digital processes, and back when the areas I was interested in were a little less focused.

As such they’re not really about what I’m doing now, my ways of working and developing new images and ideas has moved. That said, it was important to me to finish them (not least because I wanted the drawing boards they are on back!) The first one has been completed, and I would like to introduce you to Meg Of The Rocks, a painting on a roughly 29cm x 29cm piece of heavyweight watercolour paper.

Meg Of The Rocks - 2021

I agonised on how I would complete this before plumping on acrylics. When I last touched it in 2018, the last thing I had done was inked in the outlines with a mapping pen. I had considered watercolours, biros, inks, and pencils before deciding on using acrylics. I was already working on another piece called Guto’s Last Race, based on the legend of Guto Nyth Bran, and it was a struggle. So, rather than give up I moved sideways and completed Meg. This has now given me the confidence to go back and finish Guto.

At the moment I have a load of ideas I want to develop, and have already started prepping several of them up (digital and drawn). They are very different to what’s going on it Guto’s Last Race and it feels a bit like the painting is no longer relevant to my ideas. That said, I still want to finish it, as this is the second run at the image after a failed attempt in 2003ish. Stay peeled, and when that’s completed I will let you know.

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