A New Start

Welcome to the site. things are a bit empty at the moment, and only old work is up for viewing. This post marks a new start for myself, as I’ve recently found myself in the position to continue the kind of painting that I’ve had to put to one side for more than a decade.

I aim to be doing a lot more work. Currently I’m having to wind it around my other projects, but slowly and surely I am dedicating more time to it, and have a plan for a number of pieces to see if there’s interest in them enough to maybe consider doing it more full time. I’ve worked in the creative industries for years, so it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a break from it, more a redirection of those creative energies.

That said, I’m easing my way in slowly and revisiting the sort of paintings I want to make as well as expanding on the themes and inspirations that drive the works. As time goes by these new paintings will be added to the site. The originals will be available to buy, and if there’s enough interest I might look at making very limited edition prints also available for all the new pieces.

But we’ll see, let’s get some work done first! Please bookmark the site, or grab the RSS feed or like the Facebook page and I’ll keep you posted.

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