A New Direction – Photomontage Pieces

Slowly things dawn on me in my creative life and result in changes in direction for me, and this is one of those moments. It started because I’ve been collecting old photos for a long time, based on different themes that have interested me. In the back of my mind, stories were enfolding when I bought them, moments in time in those pictures that reverberated beyond the frozen image. Trying to paint is hard, but there are often times where I find myself bored and in control of a laptop with Photoshop on it. Why it never dawned on me before, I don’t know – but when it did it just seemed obvious. Use those photos, make art from them, follow those interests you had years ago way back when and paint digitally.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, world building with a particular viewpoint. Old photos, folklore, myths, old wives tales, magical surrealism, all those lovely things that have pecked away at my creative interests for many decades now – all these elements have been coming together in these photomontage paintings. In some ways, they take more effort than the actual paintings. They look easy, but they’re definitely not, there are lots of layers, layer masks, manipulations, digitally hand painted elements and self-satisfying narrative in these pieces that take an age to craft.

So here for you are the first of these works. There will be a lot more to follow, and the plan is to turn them into Giclee Prints for sale via Etsy. We’re getting there slowly, but in the meantime, here’s the first of these completed works for your attention.

Day's Gone - The Rider

Day’s Gone – The Rider

Days Gone - Mother

Days Gone – Mother

Days Gone - The Offering

Days Gone – The Offering

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