Welcome to Day Trip Art. This site is the web page for the Welsh artist David W. J. Lloyd. The work takes a number of areas as its inspiration. Folklore, old wives tales, theatrics, dreams and reality, which I like to combine in the bright light of day. Stay tuned for new works, which will be available for sale.

Most Recent Work


  • Inktober Pieces October 2020

    For a number of years I’ve been spotting Inktober work being shared across my various social media. I always fancied trying to join in at some point, but year after year I’ve not got myself in a position to do it. This year however, was very different – I started…

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  • Graphite And Ink Works 2020

    Over the year I’ve been following the urge to work using pencils and inks, something I’ve not really done in anger for a long time. It has been a big old learning curve for me, and very labour-intensive. I’ve been training to improve my ability with pencils, along with developing…

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  • Mixed Media & Religion Pieces

    The last few months I have been working on some newer digital based pieces, with a loose theme around Welsh religious fervour, hellfire and brimstone. These pieces marked a bit of a departure to the previous work as they have used additional steps to create the final piece. They also…

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