Welcome to Day Trip Art. This site features the work of Welsh artist David W. J. Lloyd. The work takes a number of areas as its inspiration. Folklore, old wives tales, theatrics, dreams and reality, which I like to combine in the bright light of day. Stay tuned for new works, which will be available for sale.


Most Recent Work


  • Inktober 2021

    Well, as the year winds to an end, I find myself taking stock of what I’ve managed to achieve the last year, which has been my most productive probably since my college days. Once again during October, I took part in Inktober, the yearly drawing challenge based around ink based…

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  • Guto’s Last Race Is Finally Finished…

    The first go at creating this picture was started around 1996. I got well into a piece on board, roughly A2 size that I ended up leaving and trashing around the 2000 mark. I don’t have photos of it to share, which is a shame as I was quite fond…

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  • Back To Acrylics

    I’ve spent the last month and a bit focusing on finishing some unfinished works. My ways of working have evolved a lot since I started getting back into art work in 2016. These paintings were begun in 2018, developed in a manner that later warped into my way of working…

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