Welcome to Day Trip Art. This site is the web page for the Welsh artist David W. J. Lloyd. The work takes a number of areas as its inspiration. Folklore, old wives tales, theatrics, dreams and reality, which I like to combine in the bright light of day. Stay tuned for new works, which will be available for sale.


  • The Marriage And The Betrayal

    These are my first two pieces for 2019. The idea came from a photo I bought that featured the three people in cosutme. The central pair in each picture is two-thirds of that image, manipulated into a new place and uncertain narrative. Both of these will be featuring in my…

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  • A New Direction – Photomontage Pieces

    Slowly things dawn on me in my creative life and result in changes in direction for me, and this is one of those moments. It started because I’ve been collecting old photos for a long time, based on different themes that have interested me. In the back of my mind,…

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  • Rhossili Clown Girl

    I’m pleased to be able to present the first of my new pieces, Rhossili Clown Girl. It’s painted on heavy watercolour paper with watercolours, ink and acrylic. The small scale of the piece appeals to me, I’ve always like small works and working small, despite going large at times. I…

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