Welcome to Day Trip Art. This site is the web page for the Welsh artist David W. J. Lloyd. The work takes a number of areas as its inspiration. Folklore, theatrics, dreams and reality combine in the bright light of day. Stay tuned for new works, which will be available for sale.


  • First New Piece In Progress

    I’ve been working on my first new painting, it’s a canvas that’s 30″ by 24″, and at the moment I’m simply calling it the pumpkin girls. The earliest steps are here to see. The source material is a found photo I purchased from the USA, which has initially gone through…

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  • Check Out My Tumblr

    I occasionally post items on my Tumblr page that I find either inspiring or interesting or work that I love. If you’re on Tumblr then please feel free to follow the blog as it will give you an insight into the sort of art that makes me tick, and the…

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  • A New Start

    Welcome to the site. things are a bit empty at the moment, and only old work is up for viewing. This post marks a new start for myself, as I’ve recently found myself in the position to continue the kind of painting that I’ve had to put to one side…

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